Duke the Lover……

How much acrimony can one beast stir up?

He’s just a mild mannered bull. Loves the ladies. It seems the ramifications of his escapades just go on and on……..

At the height of the drought, two of my cattle made their way down to the creek once –two years ago-but it seems some neighbors will NEVER get over it.  

 How can one curly coated guy-in-search-of-love create such discourse between neighbors?

So he went for a walk, curious about the world around him and visited a watercourse,met a few cows.

We responded-brought him home- offered compensation (why? not stud cows, and a great looking little calf!)-told Duke off- installed new fencing, ultra electric security……..Only happened once- years ago now- get over it move on. How many times can they bring it up?

Duke has a very placid temprement and is easy for me to handle, he comes when called and I have him in with all the calving cows- have never had an issue of aggression or jelousy over a calf.  He is a keeper. Or was. Time for Duke to find fresh pastures.

We are a small stud, and are now at the point where is is related to all the calves, so time for a new blood line. And frankly, I want to show the ultimate goodwill towards the neighbors.

Cheerio Duke……

A champion Dexter stud sire with excellent beefy conformation, Duke is seeking new pastures with suitable female company and arrives in top condition, having fulfilled his standing brief at Quatre Saisons. This animal is placid, well handled and halter trained. A total gentleman, Duke will romance your herd and provide proven capacity to pass on his red gene. Duke is long legged and has been dehorned. It has been fantastic having a red bull- you can see from some of this years calves the colours are just gorgeous, and we will have that advantage on down the line through thier progeny.

So anyone out there ready for a great new bull?

Physically Duke is very agile and a willing worker and his progeny have great temprement too.

Registered with the Dexter Society of Australia.



Reliable and easy to handle-definitely a lover not a fighter! Duke has a great beef profile and has produced consistently healthy calves, in all three colour ranges.

Using a Dexter sire over your herd ensures the following targeted breeding objectives:

  • Calving ease suitable for yearling heifers
  • Excellent reproductive efficiency
  • Earlier growth without larger mature size
  • High carcass merit
  • Good temperament

Who wouldn’t value this guy?

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