What I am about

While the ‘Old Macdonalds farm’ approach to the pre industrial revolution era traditional mixed farming model may appear chaotic- it is actually very close to the central aspect of biodynamics, which sees the farm as a whole organism, a closed self-nourishing system.

I  have chosen a truly self sustaining mixed farming model- just as it used to happen in much of human history.

Every animal, every activity in rhythm with the next and in step with the seasons. I care a great deal about the welfare of my animals and understand the cycle of the seasons and life.

I am aiming for self-sufficiency through natural, ethical production and do not use chemicals in pasture management or animal husbandry.

Sometimes I have extra animals for sale and one day will sell produce like cheeses, dairy and meat too.  The farm shop will be part of a rebuild  out on the road, this block known as ‘The Briars’ was a gazetted school house from 1840-1964.

Lots of work ahead.  Gotta convince council yet, and calm the neighbors down……..

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