Hello world!

This is a blog about my life and daily attempts at learning about farming, running a home, creating a real food garden, dipping my toes into permaculture, raising kids and critters and always sharing food.  I want a life that is good for me, memorable for my family, good for the planet, and just plain good …

Want the best for your family? Of course you do!  Me too!  Well for me, food was naturally the best place to start. I want to care for my family and have as independant and sustainable a life as I can achieve. I want to imprint on them the importance of real wholesome natural food.

I  believe in serendipity. Somehow, that’s how I stumbled on to my property nearly four years ago-and it has all just grown organically from there.

Happy animals raised on clean pasture provide clean healthy nutritious meat, milk and eggs. It’s that simple.

I raise heritage breed cattle, sheep, piggies and poultry for fun, because I like them, the planet needs them and to provide my family with food that is healthy, tasty, local, seasonal, ethical, green, and sustainable.

No amount of economic figuring can measure the benefit to physical and emotional health that comes from living ‘with’ nature.

How far food travels to reach your table  is important to the sustainability of farming practices into the future. Food grown locally and harvested in season has the least impact on our environment.

And animals raised ethically, fed and slaughtered in a closed system close to their markets of consumption contributes to limiting carbon emissions and providing the highest quality fresh food possible.

How our livestock lives is significant to me. The quality of their daily existence, the best natural nutrition and ensuring a respectful stress free death is important and returns to us the very best quality meat and dairy products that can be achieved.

I juggle farming with keeping a household, a job, a family and everything else happening. Returning human use of natural resources to within sustainable limits will require a major collective effort. I like to think my family are doing our part.

Welcome- glad you dropped by!

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